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TeraSpin’s state-of-the-art factory is built on a sprawling 21,000 square metre plot at Sari, near Ahmedabad in Western India and embodies some unique features that are conducive for the manufacture of the precision components that we specialise in.


    1. Dust-free environment: Positive air pressure is maintained to keep out dust and pollen. Operators are required to change to company-provided footwear so that dust and mud sticking to their shoes are not carried into the manufacturing areas. Windows can be kept closed and air is let out through rotating vents in the roof. The floor of the entire factory is coated with a 3 mm thick PU coating that is vacuum cleaned regularly. The smooth surface does not allow accumulation of dirt – keeping the floor clean and polished.

    3. 100% fresh air: Instead of re-circulating the same air within a space – which would be the case if an air conditioner was in use – 100% fresh air, cooled to a pleasant 27ºC, is continuously pumped in through filters so that people working in the factory do not suffer from the ill effects of stale air that can have high levels of carbon dioxide. Studies show that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plays a vital role in the productivity and performance of humans working in factories.

    5. Natural light: The construction of the factory shed is such that there is no need for artificial lighting during the day. Again, research has shown that natural light is a precursor to human well-being and therefore improves the quality of work.

    – To read more about our LEED certification, click here.
    – To read more about the design, architecture, and resource efficiency of our LEED Gold certified facility at Sari, Ahmedabad, click here (PDF, 5.5 MB).

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