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Does TeraSpin make spindles for Rieter ring frame?

TeraSpin makes spindles for any ring frame, including Rieter.

Does TeraSpin make spindles for tangential drive as well?

Yes, TeraSpin makes spindles for tangential drive as well

What is the life of TeraSpin spindles?

Life of spindle depends on the handling and maintenance practices in a spinning mill. Millions of TeraSpin spindles are in production all over the world.

What is the maximum speed of TeraSpin spindles?

TeraSpin spindles are designed for up to a mechanical speed of 25,000 rpm.

What is the advantage of TeraSpin spindles over others?

2-point contact for reduced friction, coiled spring for damping lateral movement, footstep bearing mounted over axial bearing to cushion axial loads are some of the unique features that make TeraSpin spindles a high performance precision component.

What is special about TeraSpin spindle design?

TeraSpin spindles come with a unique conical footstep bearing mounted on a spring to cushion axial load. The steel tip of the spindle blade rests is also conical but its cone angle is smaller than the cone angle of the foot step bearing. This difference in conical angles creates a hydrodynamic lubricating film of oil between the rotating spindle tip and the conical footstep.

What is the difference between HF 1, HF 100 and HF 21 spindles?

Each TeraSpin insert has been designed to meet the demands of dynamic loads and operating speeds. Hence, depend on application and operating conditions TeraSpin experts specify spindles with appropriate insert.

How is the selection of insert done for a particular set of operating conditions?

This is a matter of technological know-how that TeraSpin has acquired when taking over the textile component business from SKF India and developed further with experience of in-house research and experience.

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