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A.T.E. manufactures and/or integrates automated analytical control systems with Walchem controllers, pre-engineered dosing skid systems with Iwaki pumps, and TeraFlow hydropneumatic systems that cater to various applications in a variety of industrial sectors.


Walchem automated dosing controller

Automated-dosing-controllerA.T.E. offers flexible, customisable, automated dosing controllers from Walchem for water management applications.

This automated dosing controller by Walchem is an integration of advanced sensing, instrumentation, fluid pumping, and extensive remote data communication technologies into a compact package for the global water treatment market. With the flexibility to be used in an assortment in applications, Walchem’s automated controllers are ideal for water management.



  • Online cooling tower/boiler controller with 8 relays
  • Up to 4 direct sensor inputs
  • 8 analog inputs, 12 digital inputs
  • Local remote communications
  • Data logging and email,text, SMS, alarms
  • Handles multiple towers, boilers in closed loops or any combination.

Iwaki pre-engineered dosing pump system

Iwaki-pre-engineered-dosing-pump-systemThe undisputed world leader in dosing and metering pumps, Iwaki specialises in seal-less magnetic drive centrifugal pumps.

These pump systems are ideal for use in a wide range of industrial processes in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, paper and pulp, sugar, textile, electronics and semiconductor, and other industries.


These pump systems are ideal for the following applications:

  • Dosing for water treatment
  • Swimming pool chlorination
  • Fire-proof motor applications
  • Transfer of strong acids
  • Proportional feeding of additives
  • Chemical liquid concentration control
  • Automatic pH control
  • Liquid sampling/metering setup
  • Spraying of materials in precise quantities


  • Rugged, factory-assembled, hydrostatically tested
  • Chemical resistant pumps stand moulded of UV stabilised linear load low density polyethylene with various components like calibration column, back pressure valve/antisiphon, pressure relief valves, pulsation damper, gauges, ball valve, and Y-strainers

TeraFlow hydropneumatic system

A.T.E.-BoostStar-Hydro-pneumatic-systemTeraFlow hydropneumatic (HyP) systems are engineered using the most stringent quality standards.  At the heart of these HyP systems are A.T.E.’s TeraFlow centrifugal pumps and instrumentation & control systems made of the best control gear.


The scalable design of the TeraFlow HyP systems enable a variety of configurations, ranging from fixed speed systems to advanced and fully automated variable speed systems. The TeraFlow HyP systems are available in a wide-range of configurations of pumps (vertical, horizontal, submersible), and with varying levels of automation and intelligence, and are designed for the lowest total cost of ownership.



  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) ensure maximum power saving and minimum wear and tear of pumps leading to longer pump life
  • No need of a standby pump since all pumps on soft start
  • BMS compatibility/remote communication possibility
  • Reduces water hammer in pipe
  • Total cost of ownership is low
  • Robust systems; low maintenance cost
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