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A.T.E. and Dunline make their mark in Bangladesh!

Since 2005, A.T.E. Technologies Bangladesh Private Limited (A.T.E.) has been serving the needs of the textile industry in Bangladesh, particularly Bangladesh’s textile processing customers.

Sanforising” of fabrics is a key process for manufacturing high quality fabrics.  “Sanforising” refers to the pre-shrinking of fabrics in a textile mill as a part of production so that the user of the textile has a dimensionally stable fabric.  The machine used for this important process is called a shrinking range, and the rubber belt in a range is one of the key ingredients determining the effectiveness of sanforising.

Customers in Bangladesh were in need of a regular supply of high quality rubber belts for their shrinking ranges, and requested A.T.E. to become a regular supplier of these belts.  A.T.E. was pleased to introduce them to Dunline Rubber Products sanforising belts.

Belts from Dunline (of Lake City, USA), are manufactured using a specialised ‘thin ply’ method that produces a seam-free rubber blanket with maximum cloth pre-shrinking capacity for the entire life of the rubber belt. Dunline manufactures only premium rubber belts at its dedicated manufacturing facility, thus preventing contamination of their product with any other materials that might be used in other products.

The performance of Dunline rubber belts combined with A.T.E.’s unparalleled after sales service has led to textile processors around the country adopting Dunline and A.T.E. as their brands of choice.

Today, Dunline’s rubber belts are the preferred brand among Bangladesh’s textile processors. With this satisfied customer base, A.T.E. has been regularly receiving repeat orders for Dunline’s rubber belts.  A.T.E. has approximately 75% market share of rubber belts. The company’s key customers include such premier names in Bangladesh such as Nassa Group, Envoy Group, Jamuna Group, South China Bleaching & Dyeing, Yogotex, Beximco Group, Mahmud Group and many more.

A.T.E. is active in the sales and service of solutions spanning textile engineering, flow technologies, wastewater treatment, cooling, print and packaging equipment, value enhancing systems, energy efficiency solutions, and IoT for industry.

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