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Flow Technology

WebMaster is the most advanced online cooling tower and boiler controller in the water treatment industry. The flexible multi-I/O platform allows you to control multiple cooling towers, boilers, closed loops, and condensate lines with just one controller.




(Online cooling tower and boiler controller)

Walchem's WebMaster integrates advanced sensing, instrumentation, fluid handling, and data communication technologies to bring you the most sophisticated cooling tower & boiler controller in the water treatment industry. The simple, intuitive programming makes it easy to configure your WebMaster to control multiple cooling towers, boilers, closed loops, or virtually any water treatment process. It will monitor and control based on a wide range of direct sensor inputs as well as measurement inputs from other devices such as corrosion, level, temperature, and pressure. An extensive assortment of integrated communications and data handling features are included that enable water treatment professionals to provide more effective water management services to their customers.
Manufactured by: Walchem Corporation, USA 

      Technical Details 
  • ORP range:- 1400 mV to1400 mV
  • pH range:- 2 to 16
  • Range: WIND8, WMT, WMB, WM18
  • Material of construction: thermoplastic/NEMA 4X; display - 64 x 128 pixel backlit LCD
  • Conductivity range: 1000 to 10,000 μS/cm
  •   Applications 
  • Cooling tower/boiler controllers
  • Industrial water treatment controllers
  • Disinfection
  • Pools/spas
  •   Key Features 
  • Access live or stored data remotely
  • Ability to connect LIVE to any of your controllers in the field
  • Centralised 24/7 awareness of account status
  • Instant alarm notification via cell phone text message, email, or local alarm relay
  • Modbus read/write process management and SCADA system
  • The most advanced cooling tower/boiler controller in the water treatment industry
  • Instant alarm notification via email, cell phone text message or local alarm relay
  • Protect the building's infrastructure while conserving water, energy and chemicals
  • Easy to start-up and use - with just a web browser!

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