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The single unit length and side register control system SYNCO can be used to control all kind of printing processes and printing presses, as well to control combination and customised machines where dynamic length and side register control is required.




(Offline register control system)

SYNCO can also be used to control processes such as cutting, printing, measuring etc., either in line with a printing press or offline. For example, SYNCO can control processing units in line with a printing press or a rotogravure unit in-line with a CI Flexo press. Offline processes such as stand-alone die cutting machines or re-printing of pre-printed webs may also be controlled by SYNCO through special in-setting algorithms. SYNCO also has the functionality to measure the repeat length during the printing process. The choice of a fiber optic or a camera-based sensor allows the recognition of nearly all kinds of register mark configurations. Mark patterns are configurable. The highest measurement precision, control accuracy, and reliability are unique features of the SYNCO system. Besides equipping new machines, the high flexibility of the SYNCO system makes it suitable for both retrofits as well as upgrades of existing machines.
Manufactured by: A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited (Business Unit: EcoAxis)

      Key features: 
  • Automatic Mark Recognition (AMR) - a unique and innovative algorithm for automatic detection of register marks. Depending on application and sensor type, AMR can work with or without code
  • Register mark pattern - in principle SYNCO can work with nearly all existing register mark patterns making it the most flexible solution for effective implementation of register marks into print design
  • Online chart recording - helps in verifying the register performance and also to keep an eye on abnormal register variations
  • Oscilloscope function - the oscilloscope screen shows the amplitude of the detected register marks and has many useful features
  • Saves time and reduces wastage during job set ups with presetting options such as: first job register pre-setting and pre-setting for repeat jobs
  • Presetting systems are available for all kinds of printing and processing machines, as well as for combined machines that use both mechanical and electronic shafts
  • Register tolerance limit can be set for each job and each control unit separately. When register error exceeds the set tolerance limit, a waste indication alarm will be generated
  • Maximum flexibility for the effective implementation of register marks into the print design
  • Project/customer specific software allows the exact adaptation of the register control system to different applications such as: inline processes, offline processes (insetting), and all kind of printing processes
  • SYNCO also has solutions for combined and customised machines and processes

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