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Valence Electrons Products

The Valstat ionising air knife or anti-static air knife provides an antistatic (or ionised) blanket of high velocity air, thus ensuring that parts are statically neutral and free of dust.


Valstat Ionising Air Knives

Valstat Ionising Air Knives

(Neutralising static charges and dust removal)

The Valstat ionising air knife neutralises static charges and removes dust as parts proceed into the process area by providing an antistatic blanket of high velocity air. This assures quality and minimises rejection rates. Typical examples include automated paint or process lines.

      Key Features 
  • The Valstat ionising air knife improves quality and minimises rejection rates.
  • Typical application areas include:
  • White goods manufacturing
  • Automotive paint shop
  • Automotive accessories paint lines
  • Consumer electronic goods manufacturing
  • Laminates and decor presses
  • Biomedical equipment lines
  • Improves quality and minimises rejection rates
  • Prevents electrical shocks to workers
  • Standard and customised solutions available

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