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Valence is committed to exceeding the demands of our customers. Valence’s innovative products and solutions serve a wide variety of markets.

  • Print & Packaging

  • Textile

  • Plastics & Moulding

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Food & Beverages

  • Automobile

  • Glass

  • Wood
Raw material warehouse cooling
High temperatures in raw material warehouses often result in stored powder/granules turning into lump. Sustainable cooling solutions from HMX help maintain temperatures as per International Regulatory Authorities guidelines resulting in lesser raw material rejections.
Finished goods warehouse cooling
Storage of manufactured medicines in warehouses requires the desired temperature to be maintained throughout the year, irrespective of the ambient weather conditions. An innovative cooling solution from HMX ensures that the desired temperature is maintained all year round.
Fresh air pre-cooling for utility areas
Pharmaceutical companies incur huge operating costs while running air-conditioning systems for once through applications. Energy efficient fresh air pre-cooling solutions from HMX help reduce the TR load on existing air-conditioning systems resulting in substantial monetary savings.
Sugar dissolving, ready syrup, bottling area cooling
Cooling solutions from HMX help in maintaining desired temperatures inside sugar dissolving, ready syrup and bottling areas in beverage manufacturing plants.
Processing area cooling in food and snack plants
Processing areas in snack and food manufacturing plants require a cool environment to ensure high level of people productivity. HMX’s cooling solutions help in maintaining comfortable working conditions in these areas.
Filling and sticking area cooling in ice cream plants
Stand-alone cooling solutions from HMX help in stopping melting of ice cream in filling and sticking areas reducing losses.
Pre-cooling of fresh air for air-conditioned areas
For once through applications where 100% fresh air is air-conditioned and TR load is high, innovative fresh air pre-cooling solutions from HMX ensure that the operational expenses are kept under control by reducing the TR load.
Warehouse cooling
Warehouses of raw materials and finished products can be effectively cooled by cooling solutions from HMX. This reduces raw material rejection and increases the shelf life of finished products.
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